The UHN Division of Nephrology website is an up to date educational resource where fellows, residents, and medical students can find online lectures covering the fundamental topics of nephrology including electrolyte management, acid base physiology, hypertension, urinalysis and glomerulonephritis, as well as reviews and guidelines covering a breadth of renal topics. Our goal is to provide an interactive immersive multi-modal learning experience that is allows residents of different training levels to consolidate their knowledge of nephrology, while our database of questions provide an opportunity to reflect on your understanding of the subject matter. We will be adding new content on a regular basis, and will highlight cutting edge research including new high impact trials and studies published in the field of nephrology. As such, this website will serve to complement the core nephrology curriculum for internal medicine and nephrology residents, as well as other students.  Site users will also be able to feedback questions to the division of nephrology, and will help to  evolve the website to meet all educational needs. 

The UHN Division of Nephrology is comprised of world leaders in renal acamedicians including basic scientists, clinical investigators, teachers, and experts in quality improvement. There is indepth expertise in a wide range of fields including renal physiology, hemodialysis, home dialysis, glomerulonephritis, diabetes and kidney disease, vascular access, CKD epidemiology, hereditary kidney diseases, and geriatric nephrology. Residents and fellows rotating in general nephrology receive a well rounded learning experience in all facets of clinical nephrology, and learn from the experts, who are also dedicated clinicians and teachers.